CrowdQuestion Gives You Better Control Over The Engagement With Your Following Than Other Social Media Platforms.

Riley Moore
CEO of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion

May 2nd 2019

Social media is the most used outlets when it comes to engaging with those who are interested in following you. Using social media can be powerful and provide value towards engagement and awareness. However, social media falls short in comparison to CrowdQuestion from the standpoint of organized engagement surrounding a specific occasion.

Social Media Does Not Allow You To Control The Flow Of Engagement Specifically To Your Wants Or Needs
Social media does not allow for you to be in control of the flow of engagement, explicitly tailored to your wants and needs. You typically have two options with social platforms, allow comments or not, which do not allow for any control over the engagement received. CrowdQuestion is a social platform that for the first time enables you to take control of your flow of engagement depending on your wants and needs.

When creating an event in CrowdQuestion, you have control over when questions are fielded. Questions can be asked before, during, after, or any combination for an event. This way you control when the flow of engagement occurs. Along with that when creating an event, you can develop guidelines. These guidelines are customized based on your intent and can range from the type or style of engagement you desire, engagement that is allowed or not allowed, and more. This provides question authors an idea for the kind of engagement you want. A profanity filter may be used to control the dialogue of the engagement. If you use the profanity filter, profanity is replaced with asterisks. Additionally, events can be made private. Private events act the same as regular events except those looking to engage must have a pin, from you the host, to enter the event allowing you to control who can engage and who can’t.

Social Media Does Not Focus On Capturing Engagement From Those Attending A Live Event In Real-Time
Another thing social media platforms do not focus on is capturing engagement from those attending a live event in real-time in an organized and efficient manner. As previously discussed, there is a lack of control when it comes to the engagement received. This creates many issues when it comes to fielding engagement for a specific live event.

One difficulty faced with Q&A sessions is efficiently and effectively fielding questions to answer in a live setting. Lines are created, only certain people are given a chance, and other roadblocks get in the way of free form conversation that is equal opportunity. Many people have forms of social anxiety and do not feel comfortable being spotlighted. Going from question to answer to the next question can also not be free-flowing disrupting the overall vibe of the live occasion.

Another common struggle is being able to field questions fairly. Due to time and the nature of a crowd, most times only certain people can ask questions. Just as often as having a lack of opportunity to field everyone’s questions, there are times where no one is willing to get up and ask a question. The combination of this does not allow for the best experience when it comes to live Q&A sessions.

An additional common struggle is users’ input all forms of content, much of which has no relevance towards the live event. This makes it extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to capture and respond to engagement from those interested in the live event. With CrowdQuestion all those issues are eliminated allowing for engagement during a live event to be organized seamlessly and efficiently.

CrowdQuestion, as stated earlier, allows you to control the flow and style of engagement that is received. During live events, questions are asked, ranked, updated, and acted upon in real time. Responding to the questions can be completed in multiple ways. Questions can be answered in written format or ‘marked as answered’. When you mark the question as answered, it indicates that the question was answered in some other form such as verbally. This will remove the question from the open question list, sending it to the list of answered questions. Along with that, questions that are off-topic or inappropriate can be dismissed. Dismissed questions are removed from the open question list and sent to another list. This ensures an organized and efficient platform to capture engagement in real-time.

Social Media Does Not Allow For Multiple Parties To Interact For Some Specific Occasion Seamlessly
Additionally, social platforms do not allow in a seamless form is the interaction of multiple parties for a specific occasion. Social platforms typically only allow for the engagement to be tied to a particular profile, meaning that only the individual linked to that profile can easily engage. While Instagram and Facebook Live allow for multiple profiles to join the session, it can happen in a temporary format that is not displayed in the long term or can be acted upon once the live recording has finished. With CrowdQuestion this all changes.

CrowdQuestion allows anyone creating an event to include up to ten guest speakers. These individuals are given similar opportunities to those who created an event with custom logins for that event. For the specific event, they can enter the event to view and answer questions. Questions can be explicitly asked to one or more speakers. If the question has been indicated to be specifically for the speaker or without any speaker selected, it is displayed on their list to interact with. They have the same ability to engage with those interested in an efficient and organized manner, whether it be before, during, after, or some combination for the event.

Using CrowdQuestion enhances the engagement surrounding what you are involved in. The platform is much more organized in comparison to social media. Being able to control how engagement occurs enables improved quality. CrowdQuestion is tailored towards superior engagement compared to social media for both live events and events that involve multiple parties answering questions.

CrowdQuestion connects Crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions and engage with their Crowd, saving you time compared to the pain of doing it through social media. Find out how CrowdQuestion will enhance the experience and quality of engagement surrounding your occasion.

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