CrowdQuestion Is The New Social Platform Focused On Q&A The Right Way

CrowdQuestion connects Crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions & engage with the Crowd, saving time compared to the pain of doing it through social media. With social media and other ways people go about engaging with their crowd, answering their questions can be extremely difficult, sometimes impossible.

"Using CrowdQuestion enhances the engagement surrounding any occasion with a following. The platform is much more organized compared with social media and other outlets used for Q&A." said CEO Riley Moore of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion.

CrowdQuestion Provides:

The ability to answer questions from the people involved in what you are doing:

  • Increases Loyalty

  • Creates Opportunity To Gain Credibility

  • Spreads Better Awareness Of What You Are Doing

  • Allows For The Conversation To Continue

Features include:

  • Stay organized across multiple events for any occasion you are involved in and share them with your crowd of interest

  • Events can be for one specific day or multiple days

  • Questions can be asked before, during, after, or some combination of the three

  • Events can be made private with a defined pin so only a select group can participate

  • Include speakers or guests who can also be asked questions they can answer

  • Each crowd participant can ask up to twenty questions per month for free and vote on five questions per event to rank them

  • Ask questions on any web or mobile device in written or audio format

  • Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank to assist in showing you what your crowd has the most curiosity about, saving time

  • Every question can be answered in text, marked as answered if answered in some other form such as verbally, or dismissed

  • Receive analytics regarding your events and the participants involved with the ability to download in Excel format

  • Increase your mailing list and reach out to those who are interested in what you are doing

"Being able to ask questions, rank questions, and have the questions answered is the most impactful form of engagement. The engagement between the host and those following the host is at the forefront of CrowdQuestion’s design. Connections are built, and concepts are learned. We cannot wait to see the impact made through Q&A The Right Way."

Find out how CrowdQuestion will enhance the experience and quality of engagement surrounding your occasion.