CrowdQuestion Uses The Best Aspects From Websites, Reddit AMA’s, Facebook Events, Instagram Live Q&A, Twitter, Meetup, SpeakPipe, And Email Creating The Only Platform For Those Interested In Fielding Questions From Those Interested In Any Occasion.

Q&A The Right Way For Any Podcast, Event, Convention, Conference, Tour, Festival, Author, Comedian, TV Show, Movie, Influencer, And More!

Riley Moore
CEO of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion

May 20th 2019

CrowdQuestion is a social platform that focuses on the engagement surrounding any occasion. It has taken the best aspects from websites, social media, email, and community gatherings and combined them. CrowdQuestion enables those hosting any occasion with a following to receive questions efficiently compared to using one or more other platforms.

Websites provide value towards awareness and providing knowledge surrounding an occasion. Unfortunately, it can be time-consuming and challenging to keep a website properly up to date and it is difficult to have event specific interaction. CrowdQuestion, allows a host to add event information and field questions.

CrowdQuestion allows a host to display valuable content similar to a website without the need for hosting, coding knowledge, or paying for some form of subscription like Wix or Squarespace. CrowdQuestion allows you to provide information for the host account, channels, and events by filling in forms.

Using a web-based form to field questions from a host’s followers, such as listeners of a podcast does not enable engagement like CrowdQuestion. The form can accept and store questions, but there is no community built surrounding what is asked and it is often not organized properly. CrowdQuestion improves engagement and help build a community around an event. CrowdQuestion provides the community with an organized list of asked questions and allows them to up-vote questions to allow the host to find out what they are most curious about.

CrowdQuestion allows a host to collect an email list in the same way as a web-based form. CrowdQuestion takes note of emails of those who follow your channel or event. You can send announcements to followers for specific channels or events or export a CSV file. This CSV file contains information about everyone involved with your channels and events, including name and email. The exported file can be uploaded to email marketing tools such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, to social media to connect, or analyzed in some form.

SpeakPipe is a new tool that has gained traction in the last year or two for fielding media questions and many podcasters use it. SpeakPipe has enhanced listener interaction for the podcasting experience. However, SpeakPipe is lacking in certain aspects.

Issues surrounding SpeakPipe are similar to the problems discussed above regarding fielding Q&A through your website. SpeakPipe is an embedded tool that is placed on a website page or podcast service that allows HTML. To use SpeakPipe, the host must develop the site, pay for hosting, get listeners interested in participating to navigate to your site, locate the embedded SpeakPipe tool, and more. There is no participant engagement added using SpeakPipe, it is merely a recording tool.

There are other aspects of SpeakPipe that are lacking. Like websites, those asking questions and interested in an event cannot see questions that are asked. The questions cannot be ranked, leaving those answering questions to figure out what the community is most curious about. Also, it is unclear whether someone’s question has been answered and does not share the answers.

The last issue with SpeakPipe is controlling the questions that are asked. There are no guidelines and time limitations are not put in place to ensure the questions asked are of quality. People asking questions through SpeakPipe often ramble and do not concisely or clearly ask their question. Comments and other forms of communication are left in the SpeakPipe voicemail. CrowdQuestion limits the number of questions participants may ask across all events. The limitation ensures they are focused on asking quality questions. CrowdQuestion audio questions are limited to ten seconds (with review before uploading), ensuring those asking questions do not ramble or stumble over their question.

Many times, especially on television, questions are fielded on Twitter, either by tweeting to a specific profile or by tweeting using a particular hashtag. Those answering then typically reply to the tweet to answer their questions. These two formats create many dilemmas for effectively fielding Q&A.

With either method, the questions and answers quickly become masked by further twitter activity. If those interested tweet their questions to your profile and then you answer their questions, they are only evident for a short amount of time. If you are an active Twitter user like many; you tweet, retweet, and respond multiple times a day. This covers up the questions and their answers quite quickly. While using a hashtag may make more sense, it is still an issue. You have no control over who tweets using those hashtags. Even if you come up with some yet to be used hashtag, it is only a matter of time until others use it in unintended fashions. This lack of control not only creates issues surrounding fielding solely questions rather than comments and criticism but covers up the questions and answers quicker than through a profile.

CrowdQuestion is a better form of fielding questions surrounding a specific occasion. Every question is tied to one specific event keeping everything organized. Questions are also seen and ranked by other participants. This creates a stronger community surrounding the engagement along with easily displaying the questions that participants are most curious about.

One of the pioneers of fielding questions from those interested through an online platform is Reddit. Reddit is an amazing part of the internet. They singlehandedly seem to have created the concept of an AMA or Ask Me Anything. With that being said, Reddit does not compare to CrowdQuestion when it comes to Q&A or AMA’s.

Reddit’s interface is unappealing and confusing. It is quaint and unique but not the most organized platform to field questions. The ability to display organized information regarding the occasion is difficult in Reddit’s limiting platform.

CrowdQuestion allows you to provide plenty of information, links, and images. Channels can display information that consists of an image, up to five links, and a description. Every event has information including an image, location, date and time, a description, and more. Each event can include additional information. This includes up to an additional five event links; a recap where you can discuss the occasion in detail; sponsor links, info, and images; resource links, info, and images; up to five key points; and up to twenty time-stamps for points of interest. This information is displayed in a clear manner which enables improved and increased event awareness.

Another issue with Reddit is that it has as much as focus on various posts as it does fielding questions. Those hosting an occasion and looking to field questions cannot prevent non-participants from flooding the feed with extraneous posts. This takes away from the Q&A focus and creats a lack of control for those fielding questions to be answered.

Instagram Live Q&A
Instagram has recently released the ability to field live Q&A through IG Live. Instagram Live Q&A cannot compare to the functionality of fielding questions through CrowdQuestion.

The first issue is that IG Live’s Q&A is temporary. This limits those interested and involved to only participating while the event is live streaming. Once the video stops, so does the Q&A and the ability to see the session. People interested in the event would like to see the questions that have been answered and in some cases the ability to continue to ask the host questions.

Another issue surrounds the awareness of the Q&A session happening in the first place. IG Live Q&A sessions are not displayed in a way that shows when they will be occurring. Participants are not provided a way to find or be informed that the Q&A session is starting.

Additionally, hosts of the Q&A session cannot schedule a Q&A session for a future time. The session is started and then ends, never to be seen again. Awareness can be spread through social media posts, but at the end of the day, there is a sizeable lost opportunity when it comes to using IG Live Q&A instead of CrowdQuestion.

IG Live Q&A does not have the ability to display questions ranking by other participants. The same questions will be asked repetitively because participants are unaware of what has already been asked. CrowdQuestion displays questions asked for events in an organized format for all to see. Questions can also be given green thumbs up by those participating ranking the questions, preventing repetition, and indicating the most popular questions for the host to see clearly.

IG Live does not allow the host to provide guidelines towards the questions you are looking to field. There is no ability to control those asking questions from using profanity for family friendly Q&A sessions. CrowdQuestion allows hosts to add guidelines and optionally set a profanity filter.

IG Q&A Live only allows questions during the session. CrowdQuestion allows an event to be scheduled and questions accepted before, during, after, or in any combination thereof. This allows the host to gradually answer if he chooses.

Meetup is one of the most used event platforms. The platform provides value when it comes to organizing an event and figuring out who will be attending. Meetup lacks true Q&A, and the information provided surrounding the occasion is not as customizable.

Meetup only allows for general discussion and polls. Fielding questions and having them answered is at the heart of many events. This is not an option in Meetup. Meetup is typically only used for providing information regarding the event and getting RSVPs from those attending. The event information is also limited. It does not allow for information that is focused on before, during, and after the occasion.

CrowdQuestion allows information regarding the host, the channel, and the individual events. The event can include additional details as discussed before. Information for before or after the occasion is provided in organized manners.

Facebook Events is another platform often used for occasions. While it gives value to both awareness and engagement, it has issues surrounding it being a part of Facebook’s platform. When events are created on Facebook, they are competing to be seen with vast amounts of other content. Everyone interested in being involved with the event is also seeing content from people they personally know, people they are interested in following, articles of interest, and more. This clouds awareness of the event along with the ability to interact with the event.

Engagement is uncontrolled. The event page has an open discussion board for participants to submit all forms of comments and criticism. People can ask questions through messenger or by posting to the discussion board. Questions asked through messenger are not displayed for all to see. When posting to a discussion board, questions are quickly covered by other comments and content. Discussion boards also allows anyone to post comments or ‘answers’ that could be harmful or untrue.

The information provided regarding the event in Facebook Events is fairly limited. While links, images, and information can be provided, Facebook places limitations on it.

Facebook Events does not allow you to collect an email contact list or send email messages to those interested and involved in a host’s events. CrowdQuestion enables you to contact and acquire email addresses from everyone involved in the occasion.

A common route for Q&A for an event is to use email. When questions are asked through email, they become jumbled with all other emails sent. This can become a problem as your occasion grows. There is also the plague of random marketing emails that everyone receives. Questions can become easily lost, unnoticed, or directed to the spam box. Additionally, email will not allow other participants to view and review questions already asked.

CrowdQuestion allows event participants to see an organized list which displays the questions. Questions can not only be asked but also ranked. As participants rank questions, they will climb the list showing what the crowd is most curious about, making it easier for those answering questions.

Find out how CrowdQuestion connects Crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions and engage with their Crowd, saving you time compared to the pain of doing it through social media. Find out how CrowdQuestion will enhance the experience and quality of engagement surrounding your occasion.

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