CrowdQuestion’s Roadmap As A Revolutionary Social Platform Connecting Crowds For Any Occasion

Riley Moore
CEO of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion

May 28th 2019

Above is our CrowdQuestion Roadmap. This map displays our goals for CrowdQuestion. Planned upgrades and enhancements are also shown. The Roadmap is broken down for the next seven quarters. Please feel free to share any feedback or ideas by sending us an email. We are always open to partnerships and investment opportunities, please reach via email for those inquiries as well.

CrowdQuestion is Q&A the right way. Connecting crowds through Q&A to bring everyone closer to their community, CrowdQuestion provides those who host events with a following an avenue to better engage through answering questions. Answering questions asked by fans is something that has been proven invaluable in talk-radio, on television, on podcasts, at conventions and conferences, as well as for anyone with a following but can be extremely difficult to do through social media. CrowdQuestion has combined the best aspects of websites, social media, email, and community gatherings, enabling those hosting events with a following to receive questions efficiently compared to using one or more of these platforms. Hosts create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions & engage with the Crowd, saving time compared to the pain of doing it through social media or other avenues.

CrowdQuestion connects Crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions and engage with their Crowd, saving you time compared to the pain of doing it through social media. Find out how CrowdQuestion will enhance the experience and quality of engagement surrounding your occasion.

Riley Moore (
Riley Moore, the 24-year old CEO at RM4Tech, the one and only completely family-owned family-run software company, has used his mix of technical and business influences to bring his creative vision to life. With the development of RM4Tech’s first solution, DirectSuggest the Suggestion Box Reimagined, he has become a fresh face in the world of engagement and innovation. RM4Tech has also just released CrowdQuestion, Q& A The Right Way. His passion to empower individuals to use their creativity and voice to make a difference in the world is what drives him.

Riley's love for podcasting, mixed with his unrelenting drive to inspire individuals to change the world through passion and hard-work, encouraged the creation of The Moore You Know Podcast. He hopes to impact the world through entrepreneurship and podcasting like those who inspired him.