Being In The Military

July 1st – July 8th

Riley Moore
CEO of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion

CrowdQuestion is a new social platform that is focused on connecting crowds through Q&A The Right Way. These panels are focused on providing interaction on fascinating subjects that inspire and educate through Q&A. We are hosting a military-themed panel in honor of the noble service members of our military for Independence Day.

Starting July 1st, we will be conducting a panel for those interested in various aspects of being in the military. The Being In The Military Panel will feature five panelists who have or are currently serving in various branches of the United States military throughout different times. Ask questions regarding general or specific concepts surrounding serving in the military, joining the military, their experiences, and more. This diverse panel allows for a wide array of answers to questions for various situations and different times throughout our history.

How It Works

CrowdQuestion’s Panels will be the first panels to be conducted online rather than in-person enabling participation to be more significant. Participating in the panel will not require any in-person or conference-call interaction. Members of the crowd can ask written and audio-based questions for one week leading up to the panelist answer period.

To engage in this powerful panel as part of the crowd, join CrowdQuestion for free on any device. After joining, search for and follow CrowdQuestion’s Channel. Every CrowdQuestion panel event will be conducted through this channel. The events will appear on your My Events calendar.

Each question can be asked in a general format for all panelists or be directed to one or more panelists. The crowd members can give all questions a green thumbs-up. As they give their favorite questions a green thumbs-up, the list will begin to display the questions the crowd is most curious about at the top of the list.

Panelists may answer questions as they come in, but are given a full week to answer questions after the week of asking questions has finished. Through CrowdQuestion, the panelists can review the list of questions and answer them. The panelists will answer the question in written format.

As questions are answered, they are displayed in the answered questions list. Click on the answered questions button to see questions that have been answered. Something compelling about panels conducted using CrowdQuestion is that the information is displayed forever. The questions and the panelist's answers will be available for those interested to see at any time on any device. This allows for your powerful insights to keep on providing value to others.

Let’s Introduce Our Powerful Panelists:

Senior Airman (E-4) United States Air Force Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

I'm currently a Senior Airman(E-4) in the USAF. I enlisted in January 2014 after spending over a year in the DEP. I'm currently still active because I signed a six-year contract. I've been a maintainer on the Boeing C-17 up at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska for just over three years now.

Before that, I spent two years in training to become a Combat controller, but alas failed out of training. I spent nearly two years stationed in San Antonio, TX; three months at Pope Army Airfield, NC; and spent a few weeks at Fairchild AFB as well as Ft. Benning and as previously said been up here in Anchorage, Ak for three years now.

This will be my one and only enlistment since I'm set to separate in January. I joined the Air Force with about as high of motivation and sense of duty to our country as anyone can, but as the years ran on its all changed, and I've become much more jaded. I would never shy anyone away from military service, but I think everyone should know that for every good attribute of the military there is an equally horrible.

Robert “Bob” Accosta
World War II Veteran | Gunner’s Mate Third Class | Navy Merchant Marine Liberty Ships | Pacific Theater

Robert Accosta is a World War II Veteran who served on a merchant marine Liberty ship in the Navy from 1942-1945. Bob enlisted in the Navy in 1942 in Los Angeles at the age of seventeen. He took Basic Training at Camp Pendleton and then was stationed at Treasure Island. His service included duty throughout the Pacific Theater on merchant ships with the highest rank of a Gunner’s Mate Third Class. During his time in the Pacific Theater, he made stops in Persia (now Iran), Japan, Australia, and many islands. After crossing at the Panama Canal his ship joined a convey for a trip up the east coast. Bob was awarded a letter of commendation for his actions during a collision of two ships. Upon the ending of the war, Accosta was honorably discharged in 1945.

After his time in the Navy, Accosta became a tile-setter establishing a business that has been passed on multi-generationally and has included work on houses from celebrities like MC Hammer. He was inducted into the Grand National Roadster Hall of Fame in 1962. In his seventies, he pursued power-lifting, setting multiple world records for his age. Recently turning 95, Bob takes pride in his faith as a Christian, as well as being a husband for over sixty years, father to two daughters, grandfather to four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Jason O. Harris
USAF Elite Special Operations Instructor Pilot | USAF Command Pilot w/ 4,000+ hours flying time; 2,000+ hours in combat | Keynote Speaker

After two decades in the military, 4,000+ hours of flying time and 2,000+ hours in combat, a powerful truth becomes apparent: Trust and leadership are interconnected - one cannot function without the other.

From my earliest days in the USAF Academy to today, I’ve been on a mission to expand my knowledge in these areas and share it with people and organizations of all types. I’ve condensed the things I’ve learned into a principle I call, "No Fail Trust™️."

When you're flying a night mission fifty feet above the ground, delivering desperately needed ammunition to overrun ground forces, you cannot fail. Those personnel have asked for your help and they're trusting you to succeed; otherwise, they die. That's No Fail Trust™️.

This same principle applies to organizations of all types. Your coworkers are trusting you to do your job effectively. Failure could mean losses to the company, even the loss of someone's job. Lives can be affected by your action or inaction. The way we avoid this in the military is through extensive training, trust in clear processes, and trust in the people following those processes. These three elements are as applicable to an organization as they are the military.

Through my work as a keynote speaker on leadership and trust, I help organizations implement these principles to create a culture of no fail trust, leading to more empowered workplaces and greatly enhanced customer experiences.

Christopher D. Jachimiec
Master Section Chief, Quality Assurance for the 99th Communications Squadron Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

Master Sergeant Christopher D. Jachimiec is the Section Chief, Quality Assurance for the 99th Communications Squadron, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. He serves as the principal advisor to the commander on cyberspace policy, evaluations, and compliance for 130 assigned individuals and provides guidance on cyberspace efforts to six wings and over 52 tenant organizations. He leads 20 Wing Inspection Team members who ensure established directives and public law is being adhered to. He advises and mentors organizations and teams on continuous process improvement and problem-solving methods.

Sergeant Jachimiec was born in Palos Park, Illinois in 1980 and graduated from Muskego High School in Muskego, Wisconsin in 1999. He entered the Air Force in September 1999. His background includes various duties in the Security Forces and Radio Frequency Transmission Systems career fields along with service in the First Sergeant Special Duty Identifier. His stateside assignments include Creech and Nellis Air Force Bases, and his overseas assignments include Osan Air Base and Ramstein Air Base. His deployment experience includes tours to Al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait, and Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Additionally, Sergeant Jachimiec was one of thirty Airmen selected to augment the United States Secret Service during the 2012 Presidential Campaign, is a certified Master Resilience Trainer and leads peer support groups in the local community.

Tucker Jeffery
Religious Affairs Specialist Army Reserves

I have been serving as a Religious Affairs Specialist in Army Reserves the past four years after joining shortly after high school graduation. I joined the reserves due to vast respect for the military culture and looking to apply lessons learned into my civilian life. Tucker is currently a Specialist with promotable status in a Signal Unit. On the civilian side, I am currently an incoming transfer student at the University of California, Santa Barbara majoring in Economics. I previously graduated from Santa Barbara City College and hold associate degrees in Business Administration, Economics, and Finance.

Generally knowledgeable about serving in the reserves along with being a full-time college student, Army Reserve benefits, and the experience as a whole. I would like to help anyone who has any questions about my life in a typical reserve unit!

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