Finally, The First Social Platform Tailored For Podcasting

Riley Moore
CEO of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion

June 23rd 2019

Podcasting Is A Big Deal

Podcasting is the fastest growing form of media. With over 750,000 podcasts releasing content and over thirty million episodes as of June 2019, podcasting has spread like wildfire. Mainstream media outlets have begun to catch on and are publishing podcasts.

Podcast Listening Is Huge

Twenty million have listened to a podcast at least once, and seventeen million are monthly listeners. Of those seventeen million, fourteen million consume podcasts every week. Eighty percent of listeners listen to all or most of each podcast episode. They also, on average, consume seven shows per week. Monthly podcast listeners make up more than thirty percent of the American population. Half of American households are fans of podcasts, totaling more than sixty million homes.

Listening to podcasts is not gender specific, with men listening at a slightly higher level. Around half of podcast listeners consume the media at home, while another 22% do in their vehicle. Consuming podcasts on smartphones is the clear dominant device of choice, with 23.8 million Americans doing so. Millions of other people consume podcasts through other outlets such as a computer, tablet, or other devices.

Podcast Hosts Are Making Tons Of Money

With the clear enjoyment that comes from consuming podcasts, those hosting podcasts are thriving. Financially, podcast advertising revenue is growing rapidly and not expected to slow down. At this point, advertisers are paying more than a billion dollars to podcasters to promote their products and services. There are multiple reasons for doing so, with one clear one being the increase of around ten percent in consumer purchasing intent after hearing the endorsement.

This is allowing podcasters of all sizes, discussing all sorts of things the ability to become entrepreneurs who make a living off the content they create. The amount of income a podcaster can make varies, but some make seven figures like John Lee Dumas, and others make even more like Joe Rogan. Regardless, it has become a viable option as a profession and providing far more opportunities and income then being on radio ever did.

We found the need to serve every aspect of the podcasting community by creating our social platform CrowdQuestion. By allowing hosts, and those listening an avenue to stay better organized and engage through Q&A, we are focusing and enabling aspects of the podcasting world, unlike any other social platform. We have focused on three missing aspects in the enhanced solution that CrowdQuestion provides in comparison to social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

There Is No Social Platform Focused On Spreading Quality Awareness In An Organized Manner For Podcasts

No social platform, aside from CrowdQuestion, focuses on spreading quality awareness around a podcast. Social platforms are focused on the engagement and interactions between individuals. What this means is that even if you create a designated page for your podcast, the platform’s focus is in no way able to spotlight your podcast in a quality manner. There are huge limitations when it comes to providing robust information, links, and more. While you may be able to post a video clip, link, or written caption, the platforms in no way allows you to provide all the desired content surrounding an extended form of media like podcasts. This means as a podcaster when spreading awareness and discussing your podcast, you cannot convey everything you should and instead have to urge people to visit your website or go beyond the platform. This brings up countless issues surrounding extra steps, developing a quality website, incorporating email newsletters and other things, and more all to try and make up for what is lacking with what can be done with social media platforms.

CrowdQuestion allows podcast hosts to spread quality awareness in an organized format; enabling the host to provide all of the necessary awareness as well as drive community socialization more than any website or outlet. A channel is created for a podcast, where individual events can be created for each episode providing an avenue to display organized information, links, and images along with enabling better engagement through Q&A. If a podcast host has multiple podcasts, he can have different channels for each podcast. Every podcast can include long-form info regarding the podcast, links to listen or watch the podcast, as well as being able to schedule it ahead of time to spread awareness to those interested. Information, links, and an image for sponsors can be included. After the podcast has been recorded, additional information including a written recap, up to twenty time-stamps, and information about resources discussed can be provided. All of this provides a more organized social platform for those hosting and listening to podcasts to engage with.

There Is No Social Platform Focused On Increasing Engagement Surrounding A Podcast

The limiting aspect of social media platforms, aside from CrowdQuestion, is the lack of focus or capability revolving around podcast engagement. Sure, you can post a clip from a podcast, spread awareness about a recently released podcast, or field questions from listeners through direct messaging, but none of this improves quality engagement for your podcast. Engagement is an emotional and functional commitment someone has towards something. If you are unable to reliably reach out to a podcast host and receive a response, it deters listeners from engaging. With only around ten percent of those following you seeing any given social media post, it is hard to guarantee those interested will be engaged purely due to being unaware. Being unable to get all the information and links needed surrounding a podcast without visiting multiple locations is also a deterrent. What it comes down to is that, except for CrowdQuestion, current popular social media platforms have limitations in engagement levels podcasts receive and opportunities for fans to engage. Both hinder a podcast in comparison to the value of CrowdQuestion.

CrowdQuestion’s purpose is to drive engagement to build a stronger community surrounding any podcast. Podcasters can provide organized and robust information surrounding every podcast along with providing the ability for those interested to ask questions before, during, and after broadcast. The experience can be tailored to each podcast allowing for what works best. It is all in the hands of the podcaster whether they want to provide information regarding the podcast before it is released or when it is released, as well as allowing questions before, during, after, or some combination of the three. An announcement can be sent out to everyone following a podcast or the host can export crowd information to add to their email newsletter list.

Being able to provide quality, organized information and field questions from fans increases the levels of engagement for any podcast. With an organized social platform focused on the communication between the podcast host and those interested in the podcast, the listener is enabled to ask and view questions regularly on any device. Increased engagement benefits all parties surrounding a podcast.

There Is No Social Platform Tailored To Those Listening To Podcasts To Stay On Top Of And Engage With Podcasts and Hosts

No social platform, except for CrowdQuestion, enables a tailored experience for those listening to podcasts to stay on top of and engage with their favorite podcasts. As discussed above, for every social media post, only ten percent are seen by followers on their feeds. This means is that no matter how many people you have interested in a podcast, around ninety percent are left in the dark through current social media interactions. Enabling anyone interested to stay on top of a profile on a social platform one hundred percent of the time allows podcasters to find incredible increases in value when it comes to awareness, engagement, spotlighting sponsors, and more.

Those who are fans of the podcast can follow and bookmark podcasts and individual episodes. They can keep track of their favorite podcasts with the calendar and list provided, enabling them to engage easily. They can view information and links about the podcast and individual episodes at any time. Links can also be followed to listen or watch the podcast. Podcast listeners can also ask questions in written or audio format and vote on questions surrounding any episode on any web or mobile device.

Podcasts have become a vital part of our society and culture. Podcasting and those interested in podcasts are going to grow at an exponential rate. As popularity and reputability increase for the podcasting world, it is crucial for a social platform to be in place for those hosting and interested in podcasts to stay organized in a way that creates a highly engaged community. With CrowdQuestion, we finally have a gateway to a social platform that provides incredible value to the world of podcasting.

About CrowdQuestion

CrowdQuestion connects Crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions & engage with the Crowd, saving time compared to the pain of doing it through social media. With social media and other current methods hosts engage with their crowds, answering questions in an organized manner can be difficult, sometimes impossible.

CrowdQuestion Provides:
The ability to answer questions from the people involved in what you are doing:

  1. Increases loyalty
  2. Creates opportunity to gain credibility
  3. Spreads better awareness of what you are doing
  4. Allows for the conversation to continue

Features include:

  1. Stay organized across multiple events for any occasion you are involved in and share them with your crowd of interest
  2. Events can be for one specific day or multiple days
  3. Events can be made private with a defined pin so only a select group can participate
  4. Include speakers or guests who can also be asked questions they can answer
  5. Each crowd participant can ask up to twenty questions per month for free and vote on five questions per event to rank them
  6. Ask questions on any web or mobile device in written or audio format
  7. Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank to assist in showing you what your crowd has the most curiosity about, saving time
  8. Every question can be answered in text, marked as answered if answered in some other form such as verbally, or dismissed
  9. Receive analytics regarding your events and the participants involved with the ability to download in Excel format
  10. Increase your mailing list and reach out to those who are interested in what you are doing

"Being able to ask questions, rank questions, and have the questions answered is the most impactful form of engagement. The engagement between the host and those following the host is at the forefront of CrowdQuestion’s design. Connections are built, and concepts are learned. We cannot wait to see the impact made through Q&A The Right Way." - CEO Riley Moore of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion.

Find out how CrowdQuestion connects Crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions and engage with their Crowd, saving you time compared to the pain of doing it through social media. Find out how CrowdQuestion will enhance the experience and quality of engagement surrounding your occasion.

Riley Moore (
Riley Moore, the 25-year old CEO at RM4Tech, the one and only completely family-owned family-run software company, has used his mix of technical and business influences to bring his creative vision to life. With the development of RM4Tech’s first solution, DirectSuggest 'The Suggestion Box Reimagined' , he has become a fresh face in the world of engagement and innovation. Their second solution CrowdQuestion was released in early 2019. CrowdQuestion is focused on connecting crowds through 'Q&A The Right Way' to bring everyone closer to their community. His passion to empower individuals to use their creativity and voice to make a difference in the world is what drives him.
Riley's love for podcasting, mixed with his unrelenting drive to inspire individuals to change the world through passion and hard-work, encouraged the creation of The Moore You Know Podcast. He hopes to impact the world through entrepreneurship and podcasting like those who inspired him.