How CrowdQuestion’s Social Platform Focusing On Q&A Improves Communication And Engagement

Riley Moore
CEO of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion

August 6th 2019

Social platforms are good for all forms of communication. A main method of communication is a follower commenting on a post. Comments of all types are left on posts. These comments can negatively affect the post and leave a bad image about the content posted. They can allow people to bully those posting and those leaving comments. They can also be used to leave confusing or incorrect information.

Communication can also be done through direct messaging. Once you have thousands of dedicated followers, the number of direct messages received can be overwhelming. This makes it almost impossible to respond to everyone. If those who follow you cannot reliably communicate with you, and know they are likely never to receive a response, they become discouraged and less engaged.

On top of that, certain influencers have their team respond to every comment on a social post. This often results in vague responses, sometimes only being an emoji. This conveys a poor image that also deters engagement surrounding your social platforms and what you are doing.

CrowdQuestion is the only social platform focused on Q&A, enabling an improvement in communication and engagement surrounding any occasion with a crowd.

Q&A Focuses On Quality Communication

Q&A improves the quality of communication. Comments, rather than Q&A, provide no value. These statements can be negative, provide no substance, and may not be focused on the content. Encouraging Q&A rather than comments removes many of these issues. Questions usually surround a larger concept and convey little to no personal commentary. Answers to questions provide an avenue to build on your content and engage in a way that benefits both the person asking the question and others who might also be interested in that question. Having those interested in what you are doing to ask questions rather than leave comments and with the ability to answer their questions, a high-quality communication for everyone involved is created.

CrowdQuestion allows those who host any occasion to field questions from their crowd of interest. Whether it be an event, episode, or AMA, CrowdQuestion enables Q&A in an organized and simple way. Those interested can ask questions in written or audio format on any web or mobile device. Written questions have a character limit of 500, ensuring the question is concise and relevant. Audio questions have a limit of ten seconds. This ensures those asking questions do so succinctly and clearly. If those fielding questions are concerned about crude and obscene language being used, they can enable a profanity filter.

Guidelines can be provided which clarify the types of questions hosts are looking to field. A list of questions is then clearly displayed for all interested. Members of the crowd can vote on up to five of their favorite questions in each event. Hosts can then easily determine questions that have the largest amount of interest as well as dismiss questions of no value. Hosts can answer questions in written format with no limit to length, allowing for robust, quality responses. All of this enables a significantly higher level of quality in the communication surrounding any occasion in comparison to any other social platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Q&A Is Not Focused On Clicks Or Criticism And Instead Ideas And Occasions

Q&A decreases many negative aspects that surround other forms of communication and focuses on ideas and occasions. A question must regard a who, what, when, why, or how. This means the communication goes beyond short-sided statements and elaborates on concepts in some way. Questions significantly reduces displays of criticism or controversy. Answers give the opportunity to expand on the original content in a focused and positive manner. Q&A is the ideal approach to communicating in a quality way about ideas and occasions.

CrowdQuestion is the only social platform with an organized and focused approach surrounding Q&A. The communication is purely conducted through Q&A. This forces communication regarding ideas and concepts for any occasion. Additionally, the host is not the only one left with the ability to answer questions. For any occasion that includes guests, speakers, or panelists, a custom login using a pin is provided for them to contribute their answers. The platform also enables those answering questions to do so in a way where the answers are spotlighted, which improves quality and reputability.

Curates Continued Communication With Every Question Comes An Answer

Q&A is a communication form which leads to continued engagement. Rather than a comment, which is much more shortsighted, when a question is asked and an answer is provided, communication is prolonged. With every question comes an answer and with every answer typically comes more questions. What this means is that a focus on Q&A rather than other forms of communication provides an opportunity for the conversation to continue unlike comments found on typical social platforms, excluding CrowdQuestion.

CrowdQuestion focuses on Q&A enabling communication surrounding any occasion to extend further than any other social platform. With the ability to ask and answer questions in an organized and easy format for everyone interested to see, engagement goes far beyond other social platforms. Those asking questions will have higher levels of appreciation towards the answer they receive increasing engagement. Q&A will stimulate more curiosity in those asking questions driving more questions and answers surrounding any occasion. Others who view questions and answers are inclined to ask additional questions. Those hosting occasions looking to answer the questions of those interested are provided with a clear understanding of what participants are curious about allowing for content and communication targeted clearly around their interests. This improves the quality of engagement surrounding an occasion. This makes using CrowdQuestion the premier outlet for communicating between a host of any occasion and those following it.

Increases Engagement Through Allowing A More Interactive Experience

Q&A enables a more interactive communication experience than comments and other forms used in social platforms. While someone interested can provide their two-cents, there is no guarantee it provides any value or interactive engagement. There is a difference between being able to comment and being able to engage interactively. Having questions answered provides a sense of involvement in the occasion and enables an enhanced experience. CrowdQuestion is focused on Q&A The Right Way. It is the only social platform that provides an avenue to an interactive communication experience between hosts and participants.

CrowdQuestion allows those hosting any occasion to field questions in a way that is best tailored to the experience. This allows for multiple opportunities to create a more interactive experience surrounding the occasion. Questions can be fielded that help drive content. Questions can be fielded before or during an occasion to allow for those hosting and involved with the occasion to answer the questions. Questions can be asked after an occasion that can be answered to keep the conversation and engagement going. This all increases the quality of communication and engagement for those hosting any occasion as well as provide an opportunity for those interested to interact at higher levels.

Q&A is truly the best form of communication for any occasion. Questions focus on concepts and ideas and avoids other forms of communication that are negative or lack quality. With every question comes an answer, which provides additional information and allows for prolonged engagement. Questions can assist in providing further enlightenment surrounding occasion. Before or during any occasion, questions can be fielded that are answered enabling a more interactive and engaging experience. The experience can continue beyond the occasion with questions that are added after the event has ended. CrowdQuestion is Q&A The Right Way, enabling hosts of any occasion in the physical or digital world to improve engagement by connecting everyone with quality communication.

About CrowdQuestion

CrowdQuestion connects Crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions & engage with the Crowd, saving time compared to the pain of doing it through social media. With social media and other current methods hosts engage with their crowds, answering questions in an organized manner can be difficult, sometimes impossible.

CrowdQuestion Provides:
The ability to answer questions from the people involved in what you are doing:

  1. Increases loyalty
  2. Creates opportunity to gain credibility
  3. Spreads better awareness of what you are doing
  4. Allows for the conversation to continue

Features include:

  1. Stay organized across multiple events for any occasion you are involved in and share them with your crowd of interest
  2. Events can be for one specific day or multiple days
  3. Events can be made private with a defined pin so only a select group can participate
  4. Include speakers or guests who can also be asked questions they can answer
  5. Each crowd participant can ask up to twenty questions per month for free and vote on five questions per event to rank them
  6. Ask questions on any web or mobile device in written or audio format
  7. Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank to assist in showing you what your crowd has the most curiosity about, saving time
  8. Every question can be answered in text, marked as answered if answered in some other form such as verbally, or dismissed
  9. Receive analytics regarding your events and the participants involved with the ability to download in Excel format
  10. Increase your mailing list and reach out to those who are interested in what you are doing

"Being able to ask questions, rank questions, and have the questions answered is the most impactful form of engagement. The engagement between the host and those following the host is at the forefront of CrowdQuestion’s design. Connections are built, and concepts are learned. We cannot wait to see the impact made through Q&A The Right Way." - CEO Riley Moore of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion.

Find out how CrowdQuestion connects Crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions and engage with their Crowd, saving you time compared to the pain of doing it through social media. Find out how CrowdQuestion will enhance the experience and quality of engagement surrounding your occasion.

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Riley Moore, the 25-year old CEO at RM4Tech, the one and only completely family-owned family-run software company, has used his mix of technical and business influences to bring his creative vision to life. With the development of RM4Tech’s first solution, DirectSuggest 'The Suggestion Box Reimagined' , he has become a fresh face in the world of engagement and innovation. Their second solution CrowdQuestion was released in early 2019. CrowdQuestion is focused on connecting crowds through 'Q&A The Right Way' to bring everyone closer to their community. His passion to empower individuals to use their creativity and voice to make a difference in the world is what drives him.
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