CrowdQuestion's Hourglass

Social Media Platforms Are Used To Funnel Sales & Awareness.
CrowdQuestion Could Be Considered A Double-Sided Funnel.

Learn How Our CrowdQuestion Hourglass Is Superior.

How Social Media Funnels Work:

  1. The Goal Of Utilizing Social Media Platforms As Funnels
    You have the goal of increasing awareness surrounding what you do in hopes of converting people into sales, whether they be purchasing tickets, a product or service, or a listener needed to support your podcast sponsors.

  2. How You Engage On Social Media
    You regularly post images, videos, as well as links on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms. These posts could be to gain awareness, provide valuable content, or make sales.


    You PAY to promote your post to a specific group of people.

  3. Reception
    Somewhere between <1% and 10% of your following has the opportunity to view your post organically.


    When promoting, you ultimately pay for what you get, and will not find success without spending thousands.

  4. Outcome Using Social Media Funnels
    This process is continually repeated sometimes even a handful of times per day. A certain portion of those following you who happen to see your post hopefully have a sense of positive reception towards the post. This either increases your connection with them, enhancing loyalty or sending them outside of the platform, which possibly converts them into a sale.

How Our CrowdQuestion Hourglass Works:

  1. The Goal Of Utilizing CrowdQuestion
    You have the goal of enhancing your connection with those following what you do as well as looking to spread awareness to those not yet following what you do. This is in the hopes of converting these people into some form of a converted sale, whether they be purchasing tickets, a product or service, or a listener needed to support your podcast sponsors.

  2. How You Engage On CrowdQuestion
    CrowdQuestion Channels, Events, & Profile
    • • You create Channels including robust information for any occasion you are involved in, which people can search and find to then follow.
    • • You create Events for these in-person or virtual occasions to enhance communication through Q&A and provide organized, robust information. Every Event can include embedded webpages both for the Event and merchandise or ticketing.
    • • You create a profile by embedding your website or using our Rich-Text/HTML editor. Your website is often where you ultimately seek to bring your followers.

    CrowdQuestion Feed Engagement
    • • You receive every feed question asked by your followers, that you can then answer in audio, video, or written format.
    • • You can ask feed questions in audio, video, or written format to your Crowd of followers, that they can then answer.
    • • You can send audio feed announcements, video feed announcements, or feed announcements using our Rich-Text/HTML Editor.

  3. Reception
    CrowdQuestion Channels & Events Reception
    • • Everyone who follows your Channel can view and interact with the Channel through their list of Channels.
    • • Events are automatically available for those following the Channel to see by viewing the list of Events for the Channel, their list of all Events they follow or bookmark, or their calendar of Events past, present, and upcoming. You can also share the Event Quick Join code so people can view/join the event in seconds using the code.

    CrowdQuestion Feed Engagement Reception
    • • Everyone following you receives your feed question on their feed for at least 48 hours. Those following everyone who answers your question sees your question and answers increasing awareness as well as enabling them to follow you.
    • • Your feed answers are available to view by everyone following you, those following the person who asked the question, along with those following any other Hosts who answered the question for at least 48 hours.
    • • Feed announcements are visible on all your follower’s feeds for at least 48 hours.
    • • All Crowd members can create their favorites list, which is visible at the top of the feed. If you’re on their favorites list and they click on you, only your feed engagement will be visible, and everything else is filtered out.

  4. Outcomes From CrowdQuestion’s Hourglass
    As you continue to engage with your followers, grow your following, and enhance your connection:
    • You can export Crowd info including their name and email to reach out to them beyond the platform.
    • You can send email announcements to everyone following a specific Channel or Event.
    • You can send DMs to followers to further the conversation.
    • Your following exponentially grows as more people see your feed engagement who were not yet following you.
    • The in-person and virtual occasions you are involved in are enhanced in a multitude of ways, including the quality of communication, awareness, engagement, and reception.
    • Those following and engaging with you on the feed are drawn to your website/profile, Channels, and the Events that can include information about the Event, ticketing, or merchandise alongside organized Q&A.
    • Those following the occasions you are involved in will be compelled to engage with you through the feed, strengthening your connection with them, leading to more awareness and conversions.
    • Those who see your feed engagement can click to view your profile which can lead to your website, as well as your Channels and Events.
    • Those who follow your Channels and Events, as well as engage with them, can click to view your profile, which can lead to your website.