Event Video Recording In CrowdQuestion Instructions:

CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to record video to Dropbox through our platform as you answer questions. Speakers/Guests can join the video as well to partake in answering questions alongside the Host. Hosts can also invite others to join the video or join by audio call in.

Create your CrowdQuestion Event to field Q&A and record video to Dropbox. If you add speakers/guests, they will be able to join the video recording through their dedicated list of questions.

Go to add/edit event info for the Event you created in CrowdQuestion, and check the box to record through Dropbox.

When you are ready to start recording, go to the Event. Then click the start video button at the top of the event page.

You will then be asked to accept the audio and video permissions.

Click the join meeting button on the video. At this point, your video meeting has started. The Dropbox recording has not started yet. This is the time when other hosts or guests can join and make sure their connections are working.

If you want to invite someone besides the speaker/guest to the recording, copy the meeting link and share it or share the audio call-in number with the extension. You can also invite someone else to the video chat once you start the video with the person plus icon.

When you are ready to record the video, click the start recording button.

NOTE If this is your first time recording, make sure to sign-in to Dropbox first. This can be done by first clicking the three dots icon. Then click start recording and sign in to your Dropbox account.

Finally, click the start recording button.

You are now recording and can answer questions as you record video.

Click the stop recording button and then the red hang-up icon when you are finished.

Go to Dropbox and view your recording.