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We Are Focused On Enhancing Any Occasion In Both The Physical And Digital World.

  • • Hosts can create Channels for any occasion to schedule Events to field Q&A and spread awareness. Stay organized across multiple Events for any occasion you are involved in and share them with your crowd of interest. Those involved in hosting different occasions can stay organized while engaging on one profile.

  • • Crowd Members can easily follow Channels and Hosts as well as view, bookmark, and interact with Events.

  • • Channels can be made for any occasion in the physical and digital world including conferences and podcasts. Channels display information that consists of an image, up to five links, and a description. Each Channel can have additional information including whatever you would like with endless customizability through our Rich-Text/HTML editor or by embedding webpage links for the Channel and ticketing. Up to five Co-Hosts can be added to the channel, providing them equal access.

  • • Events can be created in advance, shortly before, or even after it occurs. Events can be for one specific day or multiple days up to a week. Events can be made private with a defined pin so only a select group can participate.

  • • Each Event has information including an image, location, date and time, and description. Each Event can have additional information including whatever you would like with endless customizability through our Rich-Text/HTML editor or by embedding webpage links for the Event and ticketing. Include speakers or guests who can also be asked questions they can answer on their own dedicated list of questions.

  • • Hosts can record live stream video to YouTube through CrowdQuestion as well as embed livestream or recorded video within any Event as you answer questions. Hosts can record their YouTube livestream directly in CrowdQuestion Events as they answer questions. Speakers/Guests can join the video as well to partake in answering questions alongside the Host. Hosts can also invite others to join the video or join by audio call in. If they would rather, Hosts can also embed a YouTube livestream that is broadcasted using other software or a recorded video from any website. Crowd Members can view the livestream or recorded video from the list of questions as they engage in Q&A.

  • • Our quick join feature enables anyone to quickly join your Event to engage in asking questions and voting. Events can be quick-joined by Crowd Members in a matter of seconds by providing the link to our website and the quick-join Event ID.

  • • Questions can be asked before, during, after, or some combination of the three. Each crowd participant can ask questions free on any web or mobile device in written, audio, or video format and vote on five questions per event to rank them.

  • • Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank to assist in showing you or the moderator what the crowd has the most curiosity about, saving time. Every question can be answered in text, audio, or video, marked as answered if answered in some other form such as verbally, or dismissed.

  • • We provide many other additional features, including sending emails to all followers and exporting follower information. Hosts can send email announcements to all followers of a specific Channel or Event. Hosts can also export information about their followers including their name and email so they can reach out beyond the platform.

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