The CrowdQuestion Manifesto

A Values-First Social Communication Platform, Empowering Communication & Users
Not A “Social Media Advertising Platform” Prioritizing Profit & Bias

Temporary Posts Keep You From Getting Canceled

Having all feed activity conducted in a temporary manner, assists in keeping users from getting socially cancelled. We understand you want to have access to your posts, but by keeping visibility to other users temporary, no one will ever be able to use your past to negatively dictate your future.

Communication Over Content

We will always prioritize communication over content understanding that is truly what brings everyone closer to their community. This means that communication must come first rather than posting content. We understand content can drive communication, and allow content to be posted, but only to enhance communication.

No Censorship, Banning, Or Shadow-Banning

Our philosophy for the platform aligns with the basis of the United States Constitution and the perspectives shared by The Founding Fathers, Socrates, and Plato. Free speech, connecting every crowd to bring everyone closer to their community, and enhancing the conversation will always come first. This means unless the user is participating in activity such as pedophilia, they will never be banned, censored, or shadow-banned.

Family Values

CrowdQuestion is developed by RM4Tech, the one and only family-owned family-run software company. We do not have investors, vowing to maintain family values like companies like In-N-Out and Chik-Fil-A. Two of the founders began their careers working at Scitor a Silicon Valley startup. Being two of the first twenty employees, taking on various roles throughout the years as the organization grew to hundreds of employees, they understand the crucial core values such as the customer comes first and focusing on providing value. Our philosophy and core values are encompassed all throughout the platform and always will be.

Deters Posts & Engagement That Lack Substance

We are focused on quality communication that brings everyone closer to their crowd and community by focusing on Q&A and communication rather than content. The platform overall deters engagement that does not increase the quality of communication & connection.

Answer Questions

Answering questions is powerful for countless reasons and no doubt increases connection from the value provided from the communication. Answering questions builds trust, fosters relationships, as well as improves lives. Understanding this, we will always focus on enabling questions to be easily answered both daily and at any occasion.

Increase Engagement Surrounding Any Occasion

In order to enhance communication that connects crowds and brings everyone closer to their community means we must increase engagement surrounding any occasion. Whether the occasion is in the digital or physical world we will always work to do whatever possible to provide a platform that increases engagement. This not only includes communication, but also the ability to provide information and connect with those involved inside as well as outside the platform.

Bring People Closer To Their Community

We know enhancing communication by connecting crowds together is what’s important to those using social platforms. Community must come first, and we will maintain the motivation to give everyone a voice, elevating communication and connection.

Increase Engagement That Builds Additional Following

We created this platform to bring everyone closer to their community by connecting crowds, and the basis of that is to raise engagement. Raising the level of engagement surrounding the communication can be done by prioritizing increasing followings as much as possible.

Ask Questions

Focusing on asking questions, enhances communication and therefor assists in bringing everyone closer to their community. With every question comes an answer, and with an answer comes additional questions. Questions are the most powerful form of communication and our platform places emphasis on driving the best conversation.

No Advertising

Being entirely focused on providing a quality social experience that enhances any occasion and conversation by bringing everyone closer to their community, we will never display advertisements. We have no interest in making money exploiting users and clogging up our platform with unwanted advertisements. Along with that, we have huge philosophical issues with the nature of using our users information so they can be continually reached and harassed. Our users are not pawns for profit, and never will be.

No Algorithm

Valuing our users rather than manipulating or exploiting them, we will never use algorithms. In no way do we believe we know what you want to see, who should and shouldn’t view be a part of the conversation, as well as deter or encourage specific activity.

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