How To Resist Being Average With Tommy Baker

Riley Moore
CEO of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of DirectSuggest / Host of The Moore You Know Podcast

March 12th 2019

A Grandfather's Influence
I know exactly what Tommy is saying about what he learned from his grandfather. Both of my grandfathers were in the Navy. One a Merchant Marine during WW2 and the other a Commander who set world records flying blimps. The stories provided from my grandfather who was a commander were stories of selfless leadership that taught me the importance of setting an example for others along with being willing to make sacrifices not only because it’s best for your team but shows those you lead that you are no better than they are. This can create motivation and perspective that propels others to excel. A fun story told in my family, it is said that this grandpa created the boardgame battleship for my uncle’s boy scout troop and another father stole the idea. My other grandfather who was a Merchant Marine in the Navy during WW2 has provided me with continual inspiration. Aside from being a WW2 veteran he has set world records in power lifting and is also in the Hot Rod Hall of Fame. My Grandpa has taught me a winner’s mindset and powerful lessons about life that have helped set me on the path I am going down.
I could not be more grateful for having both men in my life.

What Makes The WWE One Of The Best
The fearlessness and innovative mindset that Tommy saw WWE have is something that should be taken notice of. WWE’s long-term success can be credited to their culture he has discussed. Being willing to make changes and be malleable like Tommy discussed WWE being, is essential for sustainable success in business. Boston Consulting Group, conducted a study of over 2,000 publicly traded companies and found only 2% are truly innovative and efficient like WWE is also including companies like Amazon and Toyota. A fun fact, the way camera’s capture NFL games moving on cables was an innovation created by Vince McMahon and the WWE when they were starting the XFL.

Taking The Leap Into Entrepreneurship
Tommy learned having control of his schedule and autonomy was most important to him. I love what he brings up of going down this path five years from now. This is something that Travis Chappell also discussed in the conversation I shared with him when he transitioned from his life in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Community to pursuing the life he wanted to live. I ask you all to take a second to ask yourself this, Is this life you are currently living sending you down the path you want to be five years from now and if not what can you do to make changes towards living that fulfilled life. He also brings up another great point, it is one thing to have clarity and another thing to act on that clarity. If you do not act on that clarity, it is as Mac Miller said just a conversation. Plan how you are going to create that life five years down the road and resiliently pursue that.

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Physical Wellbeing
I love the point that Tommy brought up of if your physical state is compromised you will never be able to find growth mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and more. This is something many people including myself had not truly taken seriously. I hadn’t until 2018 and I could not explain how much of a difference it made. If your sleep, diet, and amount of physical activity is poor the ability to maintain and improve mental, emotional, and spiritual growth is much more challenging.

A Proper Mindset Is Key To Success
Tommy brings up such powerful points here. If you have issues in mindset the systems and strategies, you are practicing will be hindered or unsuccessful. This is why so many people bail on New Year’s resolutions, working out, diet, and so much more. In order to have success in any endeavor you must maintain a mindset built for success and continually work towards improving your mindset to improve the success you have with whatever you pursue.

The Value Of Relationships
Tommy’s story of meeting his fiancé is really incredible. I believe the world connects you with those you are meant to be around in unfathomable ways exactly like this. I am grateful for what he shared on the value of relationships also. This is something I entirely agree with and something just as crucial as your mindset because who you choose to interact with directly effects your mindset. As he said relationships whether it is family, friends, or intimate create the foundation for our lives. They can either drain you emotionally and take time from what you want to accomplish, or they can propel being the catalyst for growth. I am a big believer an having a large network but a tight circle and this is exactly why. You need to treasure your time and be selective with who you choose to share relationships with, understanding that if you don’t it can affect your life negatively.

Universal Truths AKA Pearls Of Knowledge
These pearls of wisdom that he discusses surrounding principles you learn from reading and experience are so incredibly valuable. Being someone who looks at myself like a student of life I too have picked up these universal principles he talks about. It is truly fascinating that you can read philosophy from a warrior thousands of years ago that speaks to the same truths you can read in some book like Resilience by Eric Greitens on your kindle. What this means is that there is so much value of learning from others and paying attention to principles that have assisted others. As I said, when reading biographies or personal development books or even watching documentaries about amazing individuals, you learn they share principles, practices, habits, routines, and beliefs that are all the same no matter the difference in their background or pursuit or even the time of their existence. If you take notice of these universal laws, they will begin to provide a positive impact in many different aspects of your life continually.

Starting Podcasts And Going Into The Unknown
I appreciate the challenges Tommy brings up with starting his podcast. Being of a more introverted nature, I can understand the intimidating nature that he brings up. What you should ultimately take from what he said is that the best thing you can do is jump into the deep end and embrace going into the unknown. If you have the mindset we have been discussing along with learning from those universal truths, it is likely what you fear about going into the unknown will be something you can handle. With preparation, not being afraid to fail, and resiliency to continue down that path, most anything can be accomplished.

Getting On New & Noteworthy And Embracing Quality & Your Network
I asked Tommy how he found success with getting his podcast on New and Noteworthy and he really provided wisdom for success in any pursuit applying to business and much more. Providing a quality product or service and utilizing your network are keys to success. Whatever you are currently pursuing or looking to find success in in the future, you should take some time to think how can I provide the best quality possible and how could I utilize the relationships I have.

The Unresolution Book - Seizing The Moment
I love the concept of The Unresolution Book. As I discussed earlier this is all about shifting your mindset because that is what ultimately makes or breaks the pursuit of a goal. He brings up another important point as well which is why decide to make a change or start something at some specific time in the future. You can seize the moment and start right now.

The 1% Rule - Changing Perspective To Make Gradual Improvement
The 1% Rule is a great concept. I love the concept on getting rid of the pressure of the long-term goals you have and focusing on getting better day by day. This concept is something I also read in Own The Day by Aubrey Marcus and find so powerful. As Tommy explained, if you focus on just improving day by day even just 1% you can expect exponential growth of 3X to 37X. When shifting your mindset in this way you open up the possibility of getting three to thirty-seven times better a year from now then you are today.

The Leap Of Your Life - Take The Leap And Pursue Greatness
I can’t wait to read Tommy’s book the Leap of Your Life coming out April 2nd. I love how he divides a pursuit into three sections. Figure out what you want to pursue, don’t wait and go after that, and then understand there are challenges you will go through and that this is a part of the journey. Plan take the leap, and do not give up on living the life you dream of.

360-Degree Learning - Build Stronger Neural Connections And Better Memory
Tommy is not the first person I have known to practice a form of 360-degree learning. A roommate of mine when living in Isla Vista is truly brilliant. He introduced me to this concept of listening to the audiobook while reading the book. Your memory and comprehension are based on your brain building connections. The stronger these connections are or the more connections you make surrounding the concept makes your comprehension and memory of it stronger. Therefore it is worth taking notes in class or reading or listening to podcast because you build an additional level of connection through writing down what you just learned. I keep notes of every book I read along with things I hear on podcasts. It is interesting because the more you write down or the more precise you are with what is written makes it so oftentimes you do not even need the notes you took.

Master Meditation & Increase Mindfulness With Float Tanks
Float tanks are something I have yet to try but am fascinated by. Float tanks are something many top performers are passionate about including Joe Rogan and Steph Curry. Tommy brings up a great point I haven’t heard regarding float tanks being meditation on steroids because of the isolated environment that is created. There are so many outside distractions and especially if you live with other people or in a city it can be hard to create a tranquil environment to meditate in. With the float tank once you get in, the environment is catered towards creating a meditative state therefor being easier to meditate.
I also brought up the creator of Float Tanks being an interesting guy. There are some things so odd I will leave it for you to find on google but he was into interspecies communication, talking to dolphins through the usage of LSD. He would literally take a bunch of acid along with giving the dolphins large doses of it, then theoretically try to communicate with them.
Regardless, he happened to come across creating an incredibly valuable tool that everyone should try at some point.

Tommy Baker's 3 C's of Massive Success and My 4th C
His three C’s of massive success are a great perspective to consider. Having clarity and commitment creates certainty that provide the backbone to finding success. Having a clear vision for your mission and committing to accomplishing over time will provide a sense of certainty. This will continue to build throughout your journey and brings you towards an important 4th C I want to add which is confidence. the certainty created from the clarity and commitment instills confidence or the honest belief in finding success in your pursuit.

Tommy Baker's Daily 6 Morning Routine That Leads To A Fulfilled Life
Tommy’s morning routine he calls the Daily 6 is a great practice to take on. The Daily 6 are a Gratitude exercise, encouraging someone else, taking time to study or learn, work out, meditate, then go forward with a purposeful action that moves your mission forward. Doing this routinely is a great general baseline for living a fulfilled life. Gaining perspective through gratitude right when waking up sets the tone for the day, encouraging someone else reinforces either your pursuits or something you are grateful for and most importantly sparks change in the world, taking the time to study or learn enables you to gain understanding towards your goals, working out enables you to maintain the proper mindset, meditation will help you find beneficial insights towards your mission, and this finally enables you to take on your goals the best you can. Like he said and discussed in his book the 1% Rule, do not get discouraged trying to accomplish all six and celebrate progressively forming all six habits.

Tommy Baker's 24-Hour Principle For Taking Action On Your Ideas
Tommy finishes off this interview with such powerful advice. Release the thinking, find the courage to act, and do not wait. His 24-hour principle is also something to take note of. When you have an idea, you believe in do not waste time and act on it. What you do in the first 24 hours does not need to be monumental but should at least be the first steps to beginning. For me oftentimes this begins with a note in my phone that gradually builds into a full-blown plan that I then execute. The point is do not be afraid to fail, jump in the deep end, and be dedicated to progressively accomplishing your dreams.

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