Virtual Event Platform

CrowdQuestion can be used to manage and host different types of online events. Audience interaction is very important to attendees. Maximize engagement at virtual events regardless of distance or the circumstances.

See how your virtual event can be enhanced using CrowdQuestion's Event App.

Create a Channel for the Event as a whole. Include information and links. Add additional Channel information including whatever you would like with endless customizability through our Rich-Text/HTML editor or by embedding webpage links for the Channel and ticketing. Add up to five Co-Hosts if necessary. From here, Crowd Members can search for and follow your channel.

Create Events for any aspect of your virtual occasion such as panel Q&A’s, keynote speeches, performances, and workshops. Each Event has information including an image, location, date and time, and description. Each Event can have additional information including whatever you would like with endless customizability through our Rich-text/HTML editor or by embedding webpage links for the Event and ticketing.

Record live stream video to YouTube through our platform as well as embed livestream or recorded video within any Event as you answer questions. Hosts can record their YouTube livestream directly in CrowdQuestion Events as they answer questions. Speakers/Guests and Co-Hosts can join the video as well to partake in answering questions alongside the Host. Hosts can also invite others to join the video or join by audio call in. If they would rather, Hosts can also embed a YouTube livestream that is broadcasted using other software or a recorded video from any website. Crowd Members can view the livestream or recorded video from the list of questions as they engage in Q&A.

Events can be made private with a defined pin so only a select group can participate. For Events where attendees are mostly minors, this is a great option to ensure their safety.

Include panelists and speakers who can be asked questions they can answer on their own dedicated list of questions. They are provided with a login pin to view and answer their own questions.

If participants have yet to join CrowdQuestion, they can join to engage in seconds using our Quick Join feature by entering the Event’s quick join ID.

Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on voting to assist in showing what the crowd has the most curiosity about, saving time.

Questions can be asked before, during, after, or some combination of the three. Having to wait in line to ask a question or pass a microphone around cause people to miss out on the opportunity to ask a question. Also, there are people who are uncomfortable getting up in front of a crowd to ask their honest question or have a question that does not come to them until the event has finished.

Questions can be asked and answered in audio, video, or written format. Questions can also be marked as answered if they were answered verbally during the event. Crowd members can ask questions in general as well as to a specific panelist/speaker.

We provide many other additional features, including sending emails to all followers and exporting follower information. Hosts can send email announcements to all followers of a specific Channel or Event. Hosts can also export information about their followers including their name and email so they can reach out beyond the platform.

The feed is designed to enhance engagement by enabling you to communicate in a powerful way with those who attend your events daily as well as extend awareness to those following your followers. Those following you will be compelled to engage with you through the feed, strengthening your connection with them, leading to more awareness.

Ask daily questions in audio, video, or written format. Answer questions in audio, video, or written format. Send daily announcements to keep those following you in the loop and share content using our Rich-Text/HTML editor with countless embeddable integrations.

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